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English Writing: Should Elderly Children live with their parents?


I think it is a good idea that your parents live with you, whenever you don´t force them and they want to move. One of this reason is probably your parents could live better in your home than a nursing home. I remember when my grandparents went to a nursing home, and they said me that it was not a good experience, the came back after a month. Other reason is when you are kid, they took care of you, now when they are elderly you must take care of them, they probably paid your education, they saved some money for you. You are in debt to them. The last reason is selfish, if you have children they may help you with them. Now in Spain is very usually to see the grandparent play in the park with their grandchildren. 

 For these reason I think you must accept your parents in your home. But in the other hand there could be some problems. If your wife or husband has not a good relation with your parents, this reason make it more difficult the coexistence. Perhaps sometimes they feel like a nuisance, they don´t understand that now they must be cared.

Always come a moment in the live when is necessary to decide if elderly parents have to live with their children. To star with, there are so many questions to answer, as if they can look after themselves, because they could be ill or to have serious difficults to move. Furthermore, there is an ethical or biological responsability. The common sense point at obligation to take care of the elderly parents when their lives are on the last stage. But it´s possible that would be impossible because of space problems or others logistical difficults, in a spite of your wish be to stay with them. But can be parents didn´t want to be a burder and prefeer by this to live alone instead of plan differents solutions. A residential home should be the last resort. In additional, there is a big advantage to live with elderly parents, and it´s they look after the grandchildren if their parents have very busy employment. In conclusion, elderly parents have to live with their children, if it´s really possible, by a principal reason: an ethical obligation and natural order. 

Old parents should live by their own while they can. Most ancient people prefer to live in their own house, having their things and items with them, and deciding what to do in any moment: watching TV, reading, having a coffee with a neighbor or simply looking by the window are things very important for them, since they are their own decisions. They like the company of their children but they want to take control of their own life.

If they need some help to live because they cannot move with agility, a household could be the solution to help them cooking, cleaning the house or shopping, always having regular contact with their families (children and grandchildren)

In case of they need real help because a disability or reduced mobility, they should move to live with their children having their care and love. They will lose independence and control of their life and they will not be happy for it, but it can be compensated with the company of their families and their love.

But some elderly people cannot stand the simply idea of being a burden. In these cases a nursing home could be the solution. They are usually very comfortable, having all medical cares elderly people need and they can find other people to share experiences and activities with.

I think it is very important to analyse each case, having in count the wishes of the ancient, his health and the circumstances of the family, to take the best decision. 

I think parents should live by themselves if they can handle it. They have been living alone for many years and they are used to their own customs and start a new life sharing a house with their children’s family it is a huge change for both parts. For that reason, we need to think about different options which are going to depend on each situation.

For instance, if one of the members is healthy enough, he could take part of the responsibility and take care of the other one. That would be a perfect outcome, but unfortunately is not the most common. They usually have health problems or diseases which need a special attention. In this case, they should have someone who help them, like a nurse, or who stays at their children’s house, provided that the illness is in a low phase and parents don’t need hospital attention. Furthermore, we have to consider the situation of the children: if they have a job, have space at home and the most important thing, if they have enough time to look after them.

Finally, the last situation that could happen is taking your parents to a residence. It is always a hard solution, but at the same time is the best option. Professionals will be looking after them constantly and you can feel more relief knowing that there is always a doctor or a nurse for any problem that might happen. Moreover, they are more stimulated doing specific exercises and other activities, which main target is improve their disease. At this point, I would like to remember that having your parents in a residence doesn’t mean that you can forget about them. You can visit them whenever you want, and even if they couldn’t recognize you, I’m sure they will enjoy your company.

Elderly parents should live with their children, because it’s often a benefit for the grandfathers, children and grandchildren. The elderly parents who live with their children receive a better take care and more attention from their children, who know them, than in a nursing home. They feel more independent and more active in that way than in a nursing home with norms and schedules. For most families nowadays living with the children it’s cheaper than having to pay for an expensive institution. Besides, elderly parents, if they have not a serious illness and have still all the capacities, can be a help for the parents in the household, for taking care of their grandchildren and a source of knowledge and mutual company. In conclusion, living together constitutes a practical way of living for the economic and affective support of all the members of the family.


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