Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: David

There are three important things you should do to be prepare for a weather emergency

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It´s important to prepare for a weather emergency because every part of the planet has its own hazard. It might be hurricanes, floods, sand storms, monsoons, and so on. If you know what to do in that critical moment you can save your life and the lives of the people around you. And, also, you need to know what to do after the disaster.

First, you need to stock up on emergency supplies. Some food must be stored in case you need it. Of course, it has to be canned food or something non perishable. You can also have to prepare a medical kit with first aid medicines. Another important to prepare are clothes and blankets to keep warm outside.

In addition, you should keep important documents together in one place. In a weather emergency there is no time for searching for nothing. Having all this documents in a suitcase or similar can let you pick it up in a second. You can think documents are not important in an emergency but, afterwards, you will miss them if you loose them.

Finally, you should plan what will you do in case you need to leave your home. Where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to eat something? If you haven´t planned it before, perhaps, it will be late after the disaster. Family, friends or anybody you know outside your neighborhood or even your city might be a good chance to spend a couple of days before you can get back to your home.

You may think these emergencies always happen at the other side of the world. But you can never trust Mother Nature. It´s easy to follow the three things above. And it will help you a lot to think about it from time to time. There are only three steps between you and your salvation So, don´t be lazy or you will pay it.

1st Writing
Technology is not only the research of microchips, bits and bytes. Each age in human history has his own “technology”. The prehistoric human beings learned how to sculpt rocks to use them for hunting bigger animals or to defend their families. Later, at the Iron Age, metal devices were used to improve agricultural processes, hunting methods and war techniques. So, we can say, society has been changed by technology since the ancient times.
            Getting close to our times, the Industrial Revolution changed completely our lifes. The steam machine transformed the society. Lots of handmade works were transformed into industrialized processes. Cities grown up because of the exodus of rural people. Workers formed the Labor Unions to claimed for his rights and new political tendencies appeared (socialism, fascism,…) with two World Wars as a result. Industrial Revolution had the most important influence for the life style of the XXth Century.
            The computer research was as important as the Industrial Revolution. Computers have changed the way we work and recently, the way we interact with other people. Besides from making easier most of calculating tasks, computers have transformed our social skills. We can now meet someone who lives in the other part of the world and everybody can access to any information he desires. Everything and everybody is closer than ever, but, at the same time, we are getting far from each other with the excuse to communicate with more “new friends”. Our way of life in the XXIst Century will be determined by the future develop of the social networks. What will be the next step, 3D communications, holograms, teletransport,…? Who knows.


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