Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: Begoña

Last Writing
Weather emergencies occur in every country in the world. It is important to be ready if it is happen, since everything would go better if you take some precautions.
There are three important things you should do to be ready:
First you need to stock up on emergency supplies. A medicine box should be indispensable. Also it should include some can food and water.

In addition you should keep important documents together in one place in order to take all of them very quickly.

Finally you should plan what you will do in case you need to leave your home. The most common and better solution is going to you families' or friends' house until the emergency has passed.
All this advices will help you in case of an emergency, follow them carefully.

1st Writing
Technology has evolved a lot in the few last years. And this evolution has a great influence in our lives.
When I started working 20 years ago, the office I worked in had 3 computers for 20 people. Now a day everybody has their own computer with a flat screen. The idea of working without a computer is inconceivable. Besides most people have computer at home, even portable computers. With all this the accessibility to the information (via Internet) is easy for everyone.
In addition mobile phones have become part of our lives. Everybody has one at his pocket, and the evolution of these devices has been incredible. Listening music, reading books, filing photos, playing games, and communicate with others is now possible through different applications from the mobile phones.
All this technology has changed our lives. But it is important to be aware about them, requiring a great effort. We have to be renewed or die.


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