Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: Elena

Last Writing
Tornadoes are one of the most common weather emergency situations that can happen. For that reason it is important to know how to act in a situation like that. Here are some useful tips you should take.

One of the most important things to do it is to be informed constantly about the weather conditions from your city. Also, it is really useful to be able to identify the first signs of a tornado. After that, you should devise a plan to act, which must follow these rules.

First of all, if you are at home, the best place to stay is the basement, but if there isn’t, you must go to the lowest floors. Smaller rooms are always a good option, especially bathrooms.

Second, you should have always prepared an emergency kit with medicines, a radio to be aware of the weather, a flashlight, food, water and blankets.

Third, if you are caught outdoors, you should avoid cars. They are extremely dangerous. You need to take shelter looking for a low place and try to protect yourself.

These are some useful tips for your own safety. If you follow them, you will not have any problem during this weather emergency.

1st Writing
My mother’s once told me a really funny story about a partner who she was working with. They have been very closed friends since there because they worked together for the same company during more than fifteen years. One day Isabel told my mother, a curious experience that she had had while she was younger. She was working for another company as a personal assistant but she really wanted to get a better job. After a couple of months there, she finally had the opportunity to make it possible. There were a few vacancies in the office to be part of the director’s team and of course she decided to apply for this job, but first she needed to pass an exam.

During the next weeks she started studying all the topics and subjects: economics, law... Apparently everything was fine, but when the big day was coming she was more and more nervous. That was very normal because it was the first time that she was making a proof like that.
Finally, the day had come. She was preparing everything for the text when her house mate, who she was living with, told her that it would be better if she took a tranquillizer just to be a little more relaxed during the exam. She accepted without a doubt because she wanted to be calm down.

After that, she took the subway, like everyday. There she started to fell a little bit tired and sleepy but continued going to the place where the exam was. She didn’t know how, but finally she arrived to the right place. Then she entered into a big class and sat down where an old man told her. The exam was given to her but before she could begin, she needed to clean her glasses first. She took them out from her bag and with a lot of calm and very, very relaxed, she started to clean them.
Isabel began to read the two or three first questions when the same old man said: “Ok. Time is over. Give me your exams in order, please”. She couldn’t believe these words. Time was finished and she hadn’t started to read just the first page yet. She was so relaxed that didn´t realize that she had spent at least 45 minutes just cleaning her glasses!! Of course, she didn’t pass the exam, but at the end she learned two very important things: Not to take any pill she doesn’t know from her friends and how to pass a good time just remembering this memorable story!!


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