Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: Hector

Last Writing
You don´t know when an emergencycan happen . It could be a natural desaster or medical emergency. In this way, it´s very important to have a prepared plan for to know how to do in each case. The most important thing is don´t doubt and avoid to involve panic. In the case of weather emergencies, it can occur in any country, and they are very difficult to prevent. As you never will know when will happen, it´s necesary to be preparer.

The first thing to do is to have food, drink and electric generator that it can to work without energy outside. A little first aid-kit it can be necesary, and it must incluided especial medicines if somebody has an especial diseases or health dependencies. The best advice is you think the worst thing, so nothing will surprise you when finally you can go out and to see the results of the disaster.

Take the time you need to preparer a kit of basic documents to keep with you, and another copy in one safe place. Is recommendable to include a map for to know where is the emergency points a helped hummanitary, the principal highways, hospitals, and personal documents, as mortgage, personal identify carnet, account. and any other paper you think you could need in the future.

The next steep is to decide what to do if it´s neccesary to leave home. I think the first decission should be to take things that had survivered to desaster and go to an principal point of information. If somebody needs a doctor, with our first aid-kit we could give them first treatment and then looking for special help. There are always Red Cross Center or out of the town.

This essay information will help us for to know what to do if the Mother Nature wants to show her strenght and the way the humans we are defenceless in reality. In summary, to have a kit emergency with medicines, special articles and electric system emergency; documents and to know where is the points of emergency.

1st Writing
Acording to oficials numbers from Spain´s National Stadistic Institute, the quantify of divorce grew in 2011 only 0,7% opposite the year before (2010). Specify, it was 110.651 ends of married, 30.000 less than years before the beginning crisis (for example, it was 145.919 in 2006). Experts considerer that people have now more economic´s problem, so they are not sure to take a important decision, and maybe the couples with problems try to solve them by another ways.

Every couple has their own circunstances. The recently spanish divorce's law, known as "Divorcio express", allow to put finish a marriage in only three month after to wedding, and it´s no now necesary to separate as a previously condition. This regulation is the principal adventage to avoid a seriously problems about living together.

If a couple got wrong (a mistake) because they were too young, or not knowing about themselves, the "Divorcio Express" is  the best way for to avoid more problems. But there is another side. The process of divorce can be very hard in the case the couple had a children. Unfortunately they are the principal argument in front of judge to try convince him that you,re on the right side, you have the reason. Lawyers and psycologist agree that childs are who most suffering. The distance between the love and the worst hate is a thin line.


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