Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: Maria Jose

Last Writing
Emergency situations like a fire or a terrorist attack could occur in our work place. To prevent the effects there are some essential things that you can implement. 

First of all, devise an evacuation plan. In case you are forced to leave the building don’t use never lifts, don’t panic, take out your heels and run as quickly as you can towards the emergency exit. Be sure any colleague stay back in their office and never try to come back to take your personal objects because you could jeopardize the security of other people. Then walk through the plan several times. Everyone at work must know exactly what to do in case of real danger.

Finally, when you are outdoors go directly to the meeting point and figure out if there’s someone who could’ve been trapped in the building. Give information in depth to authorities about any detail you may remember.   Following orderly an evacuation plan can help you to get safe and negative effects can be minimized.

1st Writing
Two months ago I bought a ticket to Tenerife South, at the beginning the price was 160 € but, at last, it raised up till 300 €. At first, I could have never guessed that Ryanair was so expensive due to the fact that on entering their website in order to look for cheap flights, you can find low cost tickets, but the reality was another one.
First of all, the price was completely disappointing but, next, I had to pay an extra cost for a priority boarding in order not to queue for over an hour to get a good site in the plane. Then, I also had to pay for having a larger space in my seat since my husband has long legs. Finally, I thought there would not be more setbacks but when the time of arriving to the airport came, I discovered I had forgotten to print my boarding cards and, astonished, I had to pay another extra cost. In the end, I was penalised too for exceeding the exact dimensions, regarding size and weight, of my cabin baggage.
Looking back on it, I think next time I go to Tenerife I will fly with Iberia since I am convinced that it gives their customers better services and, over all, no surprises concerning additional prices.


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