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English Writing: Emergencies


There are three important things you should do to be prepare for a weather emergency

It´s important to prepare for a weather emergency because every part of the planet has its own hazard. It might be hurricanes, floods, sand storms, monsoons, and so on. If you know what to do in that critical moment you can save your life and the lives of the people around you. And, also, you need to know what to do after the disaster.

First, you need to stock up on emergency supplies. Some food must be stored in case you need it. Of course, it has to be canned food or something non perishable. You can also have to prepare a medical kit with first aid medicines. Another important to prepare are clothes and blankets to keep warm outside.

In addition, you should keep important documents together in one place. In a weather emergency there is no time for searching for nothing. Having all this documents in a suitcase or similar can let you pick it up in a second. You can think documents are not important in an emergency but, afterwards, you will miss them if you loose them.

Finally, you should plan what will you do in case you need to leave your home. Where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to eat something? If you haven´t planned it before, perhaps, it will be late after the disaster. Family, friends or anybody you know outside your neighborhood or even your city might be a good chance to spend a couple of days before you can get back to your home.

You may think these emergencies always happen at the other side of the world. But you can never trust Mother Nature. It´s easy to follow the three things above. And it will help you a lot to think about it from time to time. There are only three steps between you and your salvation So, don´t be lazy or you will pay it!

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Emergency situations like a fire or a terrorist attack could occur in our work place. To prevent the effects there are some essential things that you can implement.  First of all, devise an evacuation plan. In case you are forced to leave the building don’t use never lifts, don’t panic, take out your heels and run as quickly as you can towards the emergency exit. Be sure any colleague stay back in their office and never try to come back to take your personal objects because you could jeopardize the security of other people. Then walk through the plan several times. Everyone at work must know exactly what to do in case of real danger. Finally, when you are outdoors go directly to the meeting point and figure out if there’s someone who could’ve been trapped in the building. Give information in depth to authorities about any detail you may remember.   Following orderly an evacuation plan can help you to get safe and negative effects can be minimized.

Why it is important to prepare for a weather emergency?-Because you will not lose time to think about what to do and what to take if the weather emergency happens. -Because knowing about the different weather conditions and natural disasters (floods, thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires) which are more probable in your country and about the emergency plan to take it’s the best way to save your life and avoid jeopardizing the security and life of your family.
Thesis statement: There are three important things you should do to be ready.Body paragraph 1: Topic sentence: First, you need to stock up on emergencies supplies.You should keep at home some food such as crackers, cereals, ham, chocolate, etc. and some bottles of water, all easy to transport which give energy for health and survival. You should have on hand also some medicines and first aid kit, and take into consideration if  someone of the family have a medical treatment or chronic illnesses, or to alleviate the pain if some injuries occur during the emergency weather.You should take equipment like only few essential clothes to protect from the cold or rain; a radio to have access to the state of the weather, the recommendations and evacuation plan of the authorities; a cell phone, an Ipod, with the main emergency phone numbers to be able to get through to family, doctors, etc.; a purse, with money cash. 
Body paragraph 2: Topic sentence: In addition you should keep important documents together in one place. You should put together into a folder, kept in a drawer, important documents such as a passport, address book, birth certificates, testament, education diplomas, or insurance contract etc. and in the purse the identity card, health card and credit cards.  
Body paragraph 3: Topic sentence: Finally, you should plan what you will do in case you need to leave your home.At the end, you should be aware and know the emergency plan given in the news, the specific weather hazard and the local evacuation routes provided by the authorities.Talk to your family about the plan you have to take, organizing in-depth what to do and implementing what you had learned about the local warning system in the community.Depending on the time you have to leave your home take all the emergency supplies and the documents you had stuck up, which you will need, and put them into a bag and take the exits rapidly but staying calm.
Conclusion paragraph: How will the information in this essay help you in an emergency?Learning in advance the specific weather emergencies, the reasons to be prepared, having on hand the emergency supplies and the main documents with you as well as the information about the warning system of the community and the instruction of the government about the specific weather emergency will help to act fast, keep control of the situation and increase the chances of survival in dangerous natural disasters .  

Tornadoes are one of the most common weather emergency situations that can happen. For that reason it is important to know how to act in a situation like that. Here are some useful tips you should take.

One of the most important things to do it is to be informed constantly about the weather conditions from your city. Also, it is really useful to be able to identify the first signs of a tornado. After that, you should devise a plan to act, which must follow these rules.

First of all, if you are at home, the best place to stay is the basement, but if there isn’t, you must go to the lowest floors. Smaller rooms are always a good option, especially bathrooms.

Second, you should have always prepared an emergency kit with medicines, a radio to be aware of the weather, a flashlight, food, water and blankets.

Third, if you are caught outdoors, you should avoid cars. They are extremely dangerous. You need to take shelter looking for a low place and try to protect yourself.

These are some useful tips for your own safety. If you follow them, you will not have any problem during this weather emergency.


Weather emergencies occur in every country in the world. It is important to be ready if it is happen, since everything would go better if you take some precautions.
There are three important things you should do to be ready
First you need to stock up on emergency supplies. A medicine box should be indispensable. Also it should include some can food and water.
In addition you should keep important documents together in one place in order to take all of them very quickly.
Finally you should plan what you will do in case you need to leave your home. The most common and better solution is going to you families' or friends' house until the emergency has passed.
All this advices will help you in case of an emergency, follow them carefully.

INTRODUCTION. Why is it important to prepare for a weather emergency?

-Occur in every country in the world -It´s very difficult prevent it
-You never know when will happen it  - Them, there will be too late for it.

BODY PARAGRAPH 1. Topic sentence. "First, you need to stock up on emergency supplies"

-This kind of food (tined) can´t caducate. It´s necesary to conserve them for long time
-When weather emergencies happen, you don`t know if you will can catch food.

BODY PARAGRAPH 2. Topic sentence. "In addition, you should keep important documents together in one place"

-In this case, you will prove you are who you are, and to reclaim your possesions.

BODY PARAGRAPH 3. Topic sentence. "Finally, you should plan what you will do in case you need to leave your home"

-You don´t go out and don´t know where to go. Maybe recommended to go a help point or Red Cross Center or out of the town.

CONCLUSION. Because it will help you to act in order and don´t improvise.


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