Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing Progress: Jose D

Last Writing
Hey Amy,
I am sorry to hear this news, I think You should try to talk him other time. If he continues with this attitude, you must forget him. Perhaps He isn´t your
soulmate. He is very insensitive if he don´t want to talk with you one minute. There are a lot of interesting men in your class, perhaps if you talk with other
man he become jealous. Good luck!!

Dear Amy Karlson,
I read your email, I suggest you that You may not pressure some men, because there are a lot of men that They don´t react well to these ways. You should
take it easy these relationships and don´t fall head over heels. You should try to find some man similar you, Someone that are looking for a serious relationship.
I think if you follow my advices You probably find what you are searching.
Dr. Dating

1st Writing
Ten Things I Can't Live without
Refrigerator: I think this is the most important appliance because It save the food and maintain in a good state.
Oven: It is very necessary to make the food
Washer: I need it to keep clean my clothes
Computer: It is very useful for me because I use it to find a job, to work, to play videogames and I download movies or series.
Mobile phone: I use it to comunicate with my family and my friends, I also use it to find a job.
Media Player: It is a hard disk portable, When I download movies or series I copy them in the Media Player and I can see them in my TV
TV: I don´t see the public o private programmes except the soccer or basketball matches because I prefer see my movies or series
Stereo: Although I listen music in my computer or in my mobile phone, I relax in my room listenig to music and reading a book or a comic
Iron: I don´t iron very often, but I think it´s important that the clothes seem arranged
Dishwasher: It is vey comfortable, but I think that is not very necessary because You can wash the dishes manually.


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